A Sweet Little Story

Weapon7 won the pitch for the Natural Confectionery Company’s digital account a week before Fallon’s launch campaign was going to air. We had no time to get anything ready, but I had an idea - give people who take the time to visit the site a sweet little surprise.

I was very chuffed when Rankin said this about it:

"Speaking of sweet ideas, the Natural Confectionery Company has done something that I thought was impossible - it has managed to create a direct marketing campaign that I don't hate. In fact, I love it. As a rule, direct marketing normally makes me feel as sick as a dog's bollock being chewed by an infantilist. However, this is a lovely idea and I just wanted to make the little gift for my son even though he is a bit too old for sweets (he's 12). The idea is unique, original and creative and I like the fact that the product is natural too. A feelgood piece of marketing that I would (for a change) hesitate to put straight into the nearest shredder."