Bringing People Home Since 1936

Storytelling. Authenticity. Shareability. The trifecta of marketing mumbo jumbo - the scourge of client and agency briefs alike.

So I took a step sideways for Aer Lingus’ Christmas campaign. I decided to strip away everything that makes an ad an ad – no crew, no script – not a single storyboard frame.
Instead, we reached out to a very specific audience on Facebook and Twitter and asked them a simple question: If you can’t make it home this year, would you film your journey for us if we got you a seat?

Upfront, honest and entirely clear in our intention. Entries poured in, I Skyped, shortlisted and eventually we picked six people.

We sent them a GoPro, tripod and drew up a brief for them - detailed instructions of what we wanted to see. We made Aer Lingus passengers cast, crew and director. Then we waited. Slightly nervously. Because whatever came back would be our film.

It turned out to be a beautiful story, told truthfully, and shared all over the world as a result.

The lesson is that authentic storytelling in advertising isn’t just cliché.

You just have to do it properly.

Client: Aer Lingus
Role: Creative Director, Writer, Art Director
Tags: Aer Lingus