Good Things Should Never End

This piece of work came about after Orange asked Weapon7 to help launch their ‘good things should never end’ campaign on interactive TV.

I had a thought that the only way you should be able to see it was if you pressed red when the TV ad was up. And even then, all the CTA revealed was ‘for a free SIM, press red’. A pretty uninspired reason to interact, but that was the point…

Because if you did press red, you’d be taken to Dougray Scott’s voiceover telling you:

“a free pay as you go SIM card is a good thing, but we think good things should never end – keep watching and see…”

The menu would then fade away and you'd be left with this film - a constant, perfect loop revealing lots of good things that never end.

To help people find out where they were, we provoked a discourse online about something special happening behind the red button. Good things like VIP tickets to the BAFTAs and an unlimited phone contract. And you could only get this by pressing red then yellow, at a certain point in the animation. Because red and yellow together makes orange, right?

Learned a lot on this project.

Client: Orange
Role: Creative Director
Tags: Orange