I am Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz has always been for the ones who’ve made it. The elite.

‘I am Mercedes-Benz’ was a campaign designed to change this. Because the fact is, whilst a Mercedes is a great reward when you get there, it‘s a lot better to have on the way. We needed to make our audience realise this.

AMV’s take on it was to have rising stars of stage and screen deliver monologues about exactly what it means to be Mercedes-Benz. Ours was to take that thought and make it a bit more personal.

100,000 people were sent a book. On the cover was their name, prefixed with ‘I am’: I am Peter Smith, I am Joanne Stevens. 100,000 completely unique covers. Written inside what appeared to be the story of you was… nothing. Blank pages. Only on the very last leaf would you find any words:

“Funny how the people with the best stories to tell are always the ones who haven’t had the time to tell them yet”

The dust cover then went on to explain what makes a Mercedes a car for the journey and not just the destination, together with a reply slip for you to find out more.

Nothing loud, nothing in your face. Just something to make you smile, and possibly reappraise the brand.

It had one of the best responses a Mercedes mailer has ever had.

Client: Mercedes-Benz
Role: Creative Director
Tags: Mercedes-Benz