My TV Show

first met the lovely people at STV after they commissioned me for an illustration project.

They must have liked the work, because they got back in touch soon after for some help with a new assignment – a kids TV show they were pitching to the Discovery Channel.

The concept was that it’d teach kids to be creative without once needing to pick up a paintbrush.

So I worked really hard creating the perfect presentation for Discovery – we filmed items showing what could be done and brought in a load of things to show them first hand too. Everything was going brilliantly, until we got to the presenters’ reels.

We had one guy who was perfect – a magician and presenter called Nigel Mead (now one of my best friends); he was edgier than anyone else we looked at. But the show was designed as a two-hander.

‘Why don’t you do it?’ they said.

So I got my own TV show on Discovery Kids called Cre-8, all about getting kids to see how creative they are.

Client: The Discovery Channel
Role: Writer, Presenter, Producer
Tags: CRE-8