Psoriasis - a Beginner's Guide

Psoriasis is a condition affecting about 80 million people worldwide. It can appear at any age and to anybody. It is not life threatening, although sufferers do display a higher incidence of diabetes, psoriatic arthritis, heart disease and depression. There is no cure.

Imagine your doctor had just told you this. The chances are, all you’d remember is the last sentence.

This was the problem PDD were facing – their research had shown that, not only did people with psoriasis have little understanding of the condition itself, many of their clinicians didn’t either.

So they got in touch with me to help come up with a way to educate both doctor and patient. My job was to decide what form this would take, when, and how it’d be given to them.

My solution was the Beginner’s Guide to Psoriasis – we give them a little book to take away with them. Something digestible without being reductive, positive without being patronising, inclusive enough to cater for all age groups but exhaustive enough to educate them on the many and varying levels of the condition itself. And it’s given to them, by their doctor, when they’re told they have it.

It also does two very powerful things – it has their clinician’s handwritten number on the inside front cover, and a link to a website we’re putting together that’ll help teach people with psoriasis the most important thing they need to know – you’re not alone.

Client: PDD
Role: Creative Director
Tags: PDD