Red, White or Pink?

I’m proud of this because I came up with the strategy, the name, and the art direction. I hired the designers, I did all the UX and I wrote all the copy. I kinda worked as a one man agency. I even wrote a timing plan.

I wanted this be the ASOS of wine – you pick the type (red, white or pink), the occasion, the food you'll be pairing it with - even how much you want to spend, and the site deletes the bottles that don’t work.

Making wine as simple as finding a t-shirt in your size.

Once you’ve narrowed it down, you can take a closer look at each bottle and Laura Lindsay – the owner of Red, White or Pink, and certified wine expert – will give you her tasting notes (we made a little video for each and every wine on the site). A simple idea, executed well.

I love it.

Client: Laura Lindsay
Role: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Writing
Tags: Red White or Pink