UCG, Before it was Cool

This is an excellent example of how quickly the digital world changes.

The brief behind BerrySplat TV was simple – to run alongside M&C‘s upcoming TV campaign, we needed to generate some excitement online.

As the campaign was all about how billions of berries make it into every glass of Ribena, we decided to celebrate the ones that didn’t.

So we made a version of YouTube (yep - that's right - we decided that YouTube wasn't the best place to put these videos and we should create our own version, just for this campaign. I just...) and named it ‘BerrySplat TV’, where people could upload videos they’d made of berries being splatted.

We made a 'viral' video to let people know about it which we cleverly tagged to come up related to Fallon‘s Colour, Like No Other ad. Ours was called Splat. Like No Other. You can see it here (that’s me doing the voiceover. And singing. And playing the guitar – budget was a bit tight by this point).

Amazingly, the video generated a bit of interest and soon, people were uploading splat movies all over the site (expertly designed by Lewis Kyle White).

And because we were showing the best videos on interactive TV too (lovingly put together by Eaon Pritchard), even more people were catching on and uploading. All we had to do was put a big 'Press Red' button up when the ads aired saying ‘win a grand with BerrySplat TV’.

We ended up, through interactive TV, our 'viral', Facebook, and the website itself, getting thousands of hits a day and uploads into the triple figures. But let's be honest - this isn't about 'engaging with an audience' or doing anything even remotely worthwhile. They entered because they wanted the money and carried on then poured a glass of Robinson's.

But I’m still fond of this campaign for one thing – the winning video.

I’ll never forget the afternoon one of our web guys took his headphones off and announced solemnly: "guys – I think we have a winner".

It was by a girl called Hannah and it's called Pirates of the Curribbean.

I cried a bit when I first watched it.

Berry moving.

Client: Ribena
Role: Creative Director
Tags: Ribena